Saturday, September 5, 2009

TV Lagi...

I managed to make my hubby watched hindi movie along with me! Ha ha!

Sounds romantic? If you have the typical Hindi movies in your mind, then, yes it is!

I am not a fan of Hindi movies. Hindi movies always make me fall asleep. But I admit that I did watch a few 'hot' movies - Kabhi Kushi..., Duplicate, and Bobby (that was YEARS ago!).

But the movie which I want to talk about is not like any typical Hindi movie at all. There is no song, thus no dance! No changing of beautiful clothes, and the casts look very much like the ordinary people you meet in the streets. If you expect the dolled-up heroines and sooo-good-looking heroes, then you should forget about this movie.

It is about BLACK. I watched this movie some time ago. Even though not from the beginninng of the film, I was so touched by it. TV 3 aired the film again this evening, and i relate to my husband how beautiful the film is. And together we enjoyed the movie.

I am not the right person to talk about films, movies, because I always fail to pay a hundred percent of attention. Once in a while I have to get up to do the laundry and etc, etc. But i do enjoy good movies.

BLACK might not potray an ordinary Indian society. The westernised Indians, yes. And to me the important thing is, it's the value of humanities, relation-ship, love.... life, matter most. And they are conveyed artisticaly.

The narration is not straight-forward. The philosophy of life is uttered now and then.

If you are a kind of of soft-hearted, be prepared to wipe the corner of your eyes... It is not the tears of the casts that make you want to cry, but the expression, dialogues, make your heart sink... Even the joy send water to your eyes.

And the cinematography is splendid. The inter-play of light and shadow contributes a kind of visual dialogue.

For movie-goers, or fan of serious movies, BLACK is not new, because this film actually was produced a few years ago.

I jot down a few beautiful lines from its subtitles:

'Hidup bukan kegelapan, tapi penuh cahaya.'

'Hidup bagai ais krim, nikmatinya sebelum ia mencair.'

'Labah-labah berjaya membuat sarangnya, kura-kura berjaya merentasi gurun.'

Amitabh Bachan, no doubt is a good actor. Rani Mukherji - plays her role well.

The film is directed by Sanjay Leela, who is the screen play writer as well. And there are a few other writers involve for it's english dialogues.


Anonymous said...

Salam Ita,
No wonder. i thought i heard Lenon singing a hindi tune at Fa's.
Part cerita ni, Lan suka. Bukan tengok pun, untuk dodoi ketika nak tido. Lepas tu, bukan dia tengok TV, TV yang tengok dia. heeheehee...

gemagong said...

nehi nehi nehiiiiiii........he2

Rositah Ibrahim said...

Salam, film ni tak kan buat Lan tido. Lan nangis adala...
Aris, no nehi yet. I nak tengok mata u bengkak lepas tengok film ni!

aint-super-woman said...

kak Eta nangis...hubby nangis tak? Mesti habis satu kotak tisu nih!