Monday, February 15, 2010

An Old Diary

It is not impressive to be displayed on the book shelf, right? But who would display the old diaries on the book shelf? The diary dated 1989. He he... an old diary, yes, but it is not a kind of note book in which I jot down my work schedule or personal circumstances.

This diary makes it's way to the kitchen very often. And many of family and friends' favourite stem from this diary.

Why, because it is actually my recipe book!

Apricot prune coffee cake.
Carrot and Date cake.
Both by Chef Wan and were aired on the TV a few years ago. I've tried both. The first is not so good to my taste bud, but the latter is wonderful, especially if it still warm.

Apple Almond cake.
Pineapple and coconut cake.
Carrot and orange cake.

The first is quite delicious. Pineapple and coconut is favour by many. I don't quite favour carrot and orange, as it is moist, and turn out soggy the next day.


Anonymous said...

thanks Ita and Lenon for a wonderful afternoon, Alhamdulillah. Probably the carrot cake we had was from this 'diary' too?

Rositah Ibrahim said...

Definitely.Hope you enjoyed the food.

aintsuperwoman said...

kak eta,
atip suka the carrot cake. mmmmm...adalah beberapa bakul dia puji kak eta! hehehe...thanks for the food, love it so much, especially the green curry, kat rumah acciaccatura, bro Lan pulak puji lagi sekali!! :D

aznimatisa said...

kak eta,, kalau kami pi sana jangan lupa jamu kek2 yang sedap tu ye..sedapnyer...

Rositah Ibrahim said...

Alhamdulillah. Kalau kawan-kawan suka, tuan rumah lagi la suka. He he. Sebenarnya rasa sedap sebab kita makan beramai-ramai dengan hati yang gumbira!
Dekni, Insyaallah.