Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cikgu Gaji Kecik

A boy who spotted long hair was caught and had his hair cut by a disciplinary teacher. This made his father angry. He came to school and warned the disciplinary teacher, "Don't touch my son!" "Berapa sangat gaji cikgu nak potong rambut anak saya?" He added.

Well, I guess this man never go to school, that is why he doesn't know the school's rules!

The incident makes me wonder why does he send his son to school? After all he needs neither school nor cikgu bergaji kecik to educate his son....


aint-super-woman said...

Salam kenal-kenal,

Eeeeee....I hate org yg arrogant!

Rositah Ibrahim said...

Salam kenal juga,
Well...anggap ajelah orang seperti itu dihadirkan untuk mewarnai dunia..